cute nail polishes aww!

Lately, i was really interested in nail polishes. i got my nail polished by my cousin's nail polish collections. now i just got some new kinda information about nail polishes, nail polish removers, etc. here's just some information that i got recently. just check em out and hope it has benefits for u all :)

first of all lets talk about nail polish. my recently (you know it) favorites nail polishes are coming from

1. O.P.I nail lacquer

notes : they are really gorgeous and awesome nail polishes. when we got them on our nail, they're just really easy to use and we don't need long time to dry. O.P.I has thousand of stunning colors. my favorite one is the nude color (canberraT without you) that just goes with any kind of events..

price : a lil bit high end, about >US$ 8.. but for a good nails, what are we waiting for??

2. China Glaze

notes : i really really want to try it on because it's just so hard for me to find this brand in my city.. you know this one is my favorite shocking pink color which is very cute and feminine ( are u serious bout that ) lol

price : this brand calms us down for only approximately US$ 3.00 .. lovely prices :)

3. Essie Nail Polish

notes : wow adorable nails! i actually dont know who is it over there lol. i found essie brand in allure magazine. again, i really wanna try em on, because.. you know the reason.. a must-have nail polish!!!!

price : wow!!! $7.00 - $8.00 it must be in the second list but i just wanna try china glaze first :p

yeay! that's it! i really loved to share some informations for u guys bout anything i can share.. and i'll see you later.. bye :*