Are u ready for 2012? let's step on the gas!

here's my recent photo

ooops no, i uploaded a wrong pic. she's my twin, here u go mine!

hahaha enough for those so-called "introduction of author". let's go ahead and jump into everything ....... *blink blink

hello 2012... i know now's already 28th of jan but it's still the beginning of all
u guys know that 
start from this time, i'll sooner get something big and worth in my life.
i'll get some EXAMS that do kill me gradually >_<
i don't need to explain what kind of exams are they, but i'll bear something bout myself, especially my mind's pressure.
NO, it doesnt have to be that kind of heavy or tough but let's say this year is more challenging.
i need to :
1. focus on my target. my target is SBM ITB one of the best faculties ever! it's school of business and management, idk why i just really love a sort of things
2. yeah i have to change a lil bit. change all the badnesses, lazinesses, and recklessnesses (OMG is that even on dictionary?) into something more powerful like being diligent, and spiritful and even... dunno maybe HARDWORKER?? yeah sure but it takes a lot of work ? >_<
3. i need to fight like fighters. like i need to eat all the subjects including the cutest physics! yay! wouldn't it be fun???! *ugghh yeah i know it's tough for being myself right know but i'll try to be happy and still step forwards!
4. this is hard but i'll say i need to ignore others affections. i meant bad affections. like.... you know hanging out too much or even shopping (?) *uggh idk i'm drunk
5. after all of these, i just need to keep up all the works i've done until the days right over me. ready or not, this is a lifetime chances and i need to CHOOSE for my own BEST FUTURE!
6. the last but not least, beg all my wishes to God by doing stuffs like praying in the right time, doing some charities and giving all i can to those who need some :)

Finally, i just need to wait for the facts. i planned, i hoped, i worked, but everything's depending on God! let Him choose the best place for me to start my college from..

success success success success and more successes are in straightly in front of us! their just running so fast so u have to find em and chase em and grab em and put em into a chest and locked it! (how many ands and ems i've wrote?)

so yeah my purpose of writing this diary notes is by saying this,

WISH ME LUCK we'll see u around later after i finally chase and catch my very best dream! :D

from me,
nebzaqila a.k.a nebi