yeay! (what?)

Hey all!
how are things with u guys?
hope you guys all are fine :)

you might realize that i removed the previous post, because...
yeah maybe i was too brave to expose my feeling in tiny world lol

and now i am gonna telling you bout something i got today..
I woke up at 9 am (lol it's holiday i got much time to hibernate)
I ate spaghetti with a slice of cheese
I took a bath at 11 after a "Jessie's Cover Show" as usual :p
I found that my mum put a REAL BIG MANGO in the dining table ( i really forgot to captured it)
and what's bad is, the electricity went out. can't do my lappy toppy, and check out my tiny world.
and now i am happy coz I can make a new post, i mean a new unimportant post. lol

and yeay, i got a lil bit stress when the electricity got off, i can't do anything. can't make a juice, can't play games, can't turn on the fan and air conditioner, can't do anything except reading a book of Trinity.

you guys know Trinity right? the writer of the naked travelers? two thumbs up for anyone who knows and like 'em.
but if u don't, you can check her blog that made her become so famous, http://naked-traveler.com/
she made books of her traveling experiences, anywhere. she throws words uniquely that can make people easily laugh and curious. i was reading her third version of naked traveler, and it was AWESOME!
i wish she made 'em in english version too so peveryone can see the world through her unique sight. She's one of my idol. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, hippo! (lol she calls herself as a hippo, she got a huge body.) ^^'

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